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Your Child Can Speak! Spanish

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Contains: 5 DVDs + One set of 5 double-sided sliding cards + 52 game cards + Parents’ guide.

Ages 3 months to 7 years.


The program is recommended for ages 3 months to 7 years. It is designed to introduce babies to Spanish using the Your Baby Can Learn! Spanish DVDs and one set of Sliding Word Cards. Includes 5 Your Baby Can Learn! DVDs, one set of 5 double-sided sliding cards, 52 game cards, and a bilingual English-Spanish translation booklet and parents’ guide. This is a good way to introduce children up to age 7 to Spanish primarily using the YBCL DVDs. If you are an English speaker who wants to introduce Spanish, you may want to show your baby the English version about 2/3s of the time and Spanish version 1/3 of the time. Ages 3 months to 7 years.

If you purchase this series, you will be buying from the creators and producers of the very popular series. There are many counterfeit items that look similar, but the cards may not slide or the DVDs may not work on some DVD players. The only products that you can verify as new and authentic are from the Infant Learning Company.



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