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Jacqueline Kennedy and Dr. Seuss and reading...

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by Mary Jane Estrada-Lyder, on July 8 There are so many incentives for kids to read during the summer, other than just for pure pleasure and joy.  Book stores, libraries, and banks have great Summer Programs that give kids free prizes, books or money for reading.  While there are some kids who could spend the whole summer with their nose in a book, like my 12-year-old, there are others who are not as avid readers.  How do you build a love for reading in your young one? How do you even get started? There are so many incentives for kids...

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As we were looking into everything, we discovered a reading program for Babies. For babies? A reading program for babies? You may be thinking maybe what we were thinking? Is this for real?  Babies can't read...Can they?  After watching the commercials, we were actually hooked and thought, "Why not try?"

So how does this all work? So what is the science behind this, babies reading?  We know our little ones are constantly learning, but what exactly do we know about how babies learn?  

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