NEW! Digital Products!

New! Digital Products-Promo Code Below!

What you need to know!Digital downloads are great for at home or on the go learning!  Just download the products onto your favorite device! These products can be streamed and downloaded through the Purple Play app for iOS and Android.

Please click the image below to access our digital website. Digital videos are available on our digital store:The Best for My Kid Digital Downloads


Please note that by visiting our digital store, The Best for My Kid Digital Downloads  you will be visiting a separate website. If you are visiting our digital site for the first time, it will only take a moment to create a new account with Platform Purple. Your account on our digital store: The Best for My Kid Digital Downloads will not be connected to your account on

USE Discount code 25BOSTON at checkout to receive 25% off any digital downloads and on the first month for monthly subscriptions, or for the first year on annual subscriptions.

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