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Sliding Phonics Cards NEW VERSION!

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New 2021 version! Sliding Phonics Cards allow your young child to learn analytical phonics through play. Have fun forming over 70 rhyming words by pulling the image and letter tabs on these ten large double-sided cards.

These large double-sided Sliding Phonics Cards can form more than 70 rhyming words by sliding a tab on the top part of the card. By pulling the tab on the bottom part, the child or parent can match an image for each word. 

Your Child Can Read is the follow-up series to Your Baby Can Learn and is designed for children who can read at least 50 words or for children 5 years and older who have not yet learned to read. If you purchase this series, you will be buying from the creators and producers of the very popular series.

Approximate dimensions of cards when closed: 5 inches by 7.5 inches.