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Your Baby Can Learn! Chinese Deluxe Kit

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Your Baby Can Learn! Mandarin Chinese Deluxe Kit

Contains: 10 Your Baby Can Learn! videos (5 videos with simplified characters and 5 videos with Hanyu pinyin) on 5 DVDs + 5 Lift-the-Flap Books + 5 sets of Sliding Word and Picture Cards (50 words with pictures!) + Teaching Cards (166 words!) + Milestone Cards (23 cards!) + Parent Information and Instructions in English and Chinese + Audio of native Mandarin Chinese speakers reading the books and word cards 

For ages 3 months to 5+ years.

Product Details:

Your Baby Can Learn! Mandarin Chinese Deluxe Kit

Mandarin Chinese Deluxe Kits are now available!


• All 5 Your Baby Can Learn! volumes with two versions of each volume (simplified characters and Hanyu pinyin) for a total of 10 videos

• 5 Lift-the-Flap Books (each with an additional brand-new page of word games!)

• 5 sets of Sliding Word and Picture Cards

• 166 Teaching Cards with game suggestions

• 23 Milestone Cards (featuring words along with pictures that illustrate their meanings)

• Product instructions in English and Chinese

• Audio of native Mandarin Chinese speakers reading the books and word cards

• Digital version of parent guide Dr. Titzer's Guide to Early Learning in English and Chinese

Mandarin Chinese is one of the most influential languages in the world. Our new Chinese series has updated books, word cards, and videos!

DVDs include two versions of each of the 5 videos: simplified characters and Hanyu pinyin. Includes simplified characters which are used in Mainland China. Includes 5 Hanyu pinyin videos for parents who want to focus on spoken language. Each video highlights key words as they are spoken, and each video includes a background music option. The new Volume 5 videos also have additional sentences shown on the screen as they are spoken, adding more than 1000 written words! The Volume 5 videos also sort the words by category to help with categorization of objects, animals, body parts, actions, and more. The videos also include samples of Your Child Can Read!, Your Child Can Discover! and of Your Baby Can Learn! in other languages.

The Lift-the-Flap Books now include more images for most key words, along with larger sentences in simplified characters. There are also small sentences in English and Hanyu pinyin to help non-Chinese-speaking parents. The Sliding Word Cardshave many new images plus small numbers that correspond to the five volumes of YBCL for easy sorting. The Teaching Cards and Sliding Word Cards have large simplified characters and small Hanyu pinyin words. The Milestone Cards teach different concepts in each volume of cards and include a word matching game.

NEW: Includes audio of native Mandarin Chinese speakers reading the books and word cards to assist parents who want to interact with their babies and toddlers. This will allow you to play audio of native Chinese speakers saying the words in the Lift-the-Flap Books, on the Teaching Cards, on the Sliding Word Cards, and on the Milestone Cards while using these books and cards and playing word games with your child. Parents who don't speak Chinese can use the audio most of the time, and parents who speak Chinese can use the audio occasionally to allow the child to hear a greater variety of voices.

Includes new updated instructions for each product, plus Product Use Guide and new Early Literacy Milestones sheet. For the first time, bilingual English-Chinese instructions are available for all products. The packaging is bilingual, with all important information in both English and Chinese. The Product Use Guide and some instruction sheets are in English, but there is a link to view the information in Chinese. 

For ages 3 months to 5+ years.