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Early Learning Package (Learn, Read, and Discover!)

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Your Baby Can Learn! Special Edition Deluxe Kit + Your Child Can Read! Deluxe Kit with DVDs (in American English) + Your Child Can Discover! Deluxe Kit (in American English)

Price for the components of this package if purchased individually is $304.75. Early Learning Package special price only $199.95 and now further reduced! 


Product Details:

This Special Edition Early Learning Package includes the new and improved Your Baby Can Learn! Deluxe Kit, the Your Child Can Discover! Deluxe Kit and Your Child Can Read! Deluxe Kit, plus a digital copy of Dr. Titzer's Guide to Early Learning!.

Full Early Learning Package Contents:

Your Baby Can Learn! Deluxe Kit Components:

    • Volumes 1-5 of the Your Baby Can Learn! videos in English
        • American English: 11 Your Baby Can Learn! videos on 5 DVDs (3 versions of Volume 1 and 2 versions each of Volumes 2–5)
    • 5 Lift-the-Flap BooksWhat’s Best For my kid, what’s best for my kids, what’s best for your kid and kids, BEst for babies, Baby genius, baby reads, Babies can read, babies can learn, window of opportunity, Babies learn a language, Digital Downloads, Brain development
    • 5 sets of Sliding Word and Picture Cards (50 words with pictures!)
    • Teaching Cards (166 words!)
    • Milestone Cards (23 cards!)

Your Child Can Read! Deluxe Kit Components:

    • 5 Your Child Can Read! DVDs

Your Baby/Child Can Discover! Deluxe Kit Components:

    • 3 Your Baby Can Discover! DVDs
    • 3 Your Child Can Discover! DVDs
    • 6 Lift-the-Flap Books on Colors, Shapes, Numbers, Music, Logic Patterns, and Prepositions
    • Bonus Audio CD to go with the Music Book

Detailed Description of Contents:

Your Baby Can Learn!

For American English, both the Classic version and the Newer version of our popular series are included on the same DVDs! Each of the 5 Special Edition Your Baby Can Learn! DVDs contain 2 or more videos for a total of 11 Your Baby Can Learn! videos! New Volume 1 DVD contains three full versions of YBCL! The updated version has even more written words! This new video intentionally uses different fonts, font colors, background colors, and the words are sorted by categories. All of this added variety should make this new video even more interesting. This DVD also includes samples of YBCL in Dutch, French, Japanese, Spanish, and Vietnamese as well as musical pitch and number samples from our Discover series.

This kit also includes 5 Lift-the-Flap Books (each with an additional brand-new page of word games!), 5 sets of Sliding Word and Picture Cards (50 words total), and 166 Teaching Cards with game ideas in a new folding box. Also included in this package are 23 new Milestone Cards featuring words along with pictures that illustrate their meanings.

Your Child Can Discover!

This series is for ages 6 months to 7 years and can be used at the same time as Your Baby Can Learn! The Your Child Can Discover! series has topics that include pitch in music, 96 different colors, geometric shapes, logic patterns, math concepts, and more! This deluxe kit includes all three Your Baby Can Discover! DVDs plus all three Your Child Can Discover! DVDs along with a book on each of the six topics and a bonus audio CD for the Music book. Each DVD contains all six topics, and each subsequent volume covers the topics in greater detail.

Your Child Can Read!

The Your Child Can Read! series is the follow-up series to Your Baby Can Learn! If your child is between the ages of 3 months and 5 years, she or he should begin with the Your Baby Can Learn! program. This Deluxe Kit includes 5 Your Child Can Read! DVDs. This series was designed by Dr. Titzer. Phonetic patterns of words are highlighted. In addition, there are "fast reading" segments where the words are presented very quickly. This is an entertaining series with music videos and interactive segments throughout.