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Dr. Titzer's Guide To Early Learning Digital Book

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This book was written by infant researcher Dr. Robert Titzer. It is designed to help you fully use your Infant Learning Company™ products as you and your child explore the wonderful world of learning. The book describes the Your Baby Can Learn! multisensory, interactive approach to early learning, explains how to use the products in your kit, shows graphic viewing schedules, and answers potential questions you might have about starting the program. Dr. Titzer also gives many early learning tips for parents along with ideas for word games.

This digital book is included for free with purchase of any Your Baby Can Learn! products. The book will be free at checkout with no code needed. If your cart includes this product or any other digital product, you will need to create an account on our website. Customers who purchase from the Your Baby Can Learn! website and don't add this product to their carts will be sent a link to the digital book in a confirmation email or will see a link to download it from the printed parent instructions in your kit.

This book is not available in printed form.