“I have two daughters.  My eldest daughter is almost 7 years old now.  She started the [Your Baby Can Learn] program when she was 6 months old.  We were able to see her displaying comprehension (such as clapping when the word clapping came on the screen) by the time she was about 11 months old. She was finally tested in her first week of kindergarten by school officials here in Canada, and it was determined that  she was reading (at that time) at a grade 6 level with full comprehension.” Dave E

“I cannot thank you enough for the joy of reading that you have brought to my daughters at such a young age, and the head start that they have gotten in life as a result.  Your program works very well. I have 2 daughters and it has worked with them both.” Dave E


“These programs are LIFE-ALTERING.  I’m amazed at how much my kids grasp, how proficient they are in so many scholastic areas, and above all--without me stressing or pushing in any way. The programs are set up to be a great and fun time between parent/care-giver/teacher and child.” Danil

“So as a parent what matters to me most is this:  each of her teachers are floored at the level of understanding she has of the English language, grammar usage both written & oral, ability to remember the key details of the stories, her spelling is at a high level, and we also used Your Baby Can Discover, and she is equally versed in math, patterns, and science as well--all with an insatiable appetite to learn, to ask questions, and not accept information without understanding.  She’s having FUN!” Danil


“I will say that both children do well in math.  They are both a year ahead, but their reading/spelling/writing/vocabulary skills are off the charts incredible!  We attribute this 100% to [Your Baby Can Learn]!!! ... My children learned easily and naturally as they were learning to speak.  It was simultaneos and enjoyable. “ Evelyn B

“His spelling ability is totally linked to his love for reading and his fantastic ability to devour books! ... [E]arly exposure to reading opened up a world to them that most kids don't get to experience until they are 5 or 6. Everywhere we would go in the care they would be asking, “Whats Wells Fargo?, “Whats Outback Steakhouse?”, “What's Lowes?” it was so much fun to hear them wonder out loud about the world all around them!”  Evelyn B


"I will feel forever grateful for the tools you have created. I had amazing results with my daughter Madison. I started her at age 5 months in April 2011. She was decoding at an amazing rate by age 9 months and by 13 months (when she was clearly articulating) it was apparent to many others beside myself that she was in fact decoding single words with relative ease. By 18 months, she was decoding 2 word phrases and two syllable words. I am forever grateful for your program/s." Leslie D


" I was amazed how he figured out other words that he saw based on the fact that he already had a strong foundation with the YBCR program. He was reading books and learning on his own and had a confidence about himself at an early age. He was putting together puzzles...he really loved to learn new things and it was all because of (Your Baby Can Learn)! He is now 6, and just graduated Kindergarten where his is years ahead of his classmates. I tell everyone to purchase (Your Baby Can Learn) it is the best program and I am so glad that we invested in our son's future." Sharon K


"My father gave us the program as a gift when Levi was a baby. To me, it was the equivalent of giving a child a full ride college scholarship. We continue to look to my son's future with great anticipation and gratitude to you for developing such a valuable and effective program." Michelle U


3 and working on kindergarten and 1st grade workbooks. I just wanted to let you know that we feel this product was a tremendous help." Angelo R