Family Reunions

(Looking back at one of our family reunions)

It’s time for the bi-annual family reunion! An event almost all of us are very excited for!  I can’t wait myself! My kids can’t wait! Not only will I see my parents, cousins, aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews, but my very own son!  He’s been with my parents for weeks now and we can’t wait to hold each other again. 2 years ago, after we reunited after his first summer with my parents, he cried as we hugged for 3...4...5 minutes or more.  

Months of planning and communicating and practicing and the day is here.  Every year our family decides on who will take charge of the whole shebang.  This year my amazing cousin from Montreal took on the fun and exciting challenge.  She kept us informed on a FB site she created. We communicated on e-mail and text threads, all in anticipation of this day.  We also practiced for our family talent show. Some may feel this is cheesy, but our family is extremely talented and not so shy, so why not share our talents with everyone in the family?!  And, of course, a family reunion is not complete without the family reunion T-shirt. This year, my other cousin and her husband, both graphic designers, created the T-shirt. Unfortunately, they did not have time in their crazy, hectic schedule to get the actual T-shirts printed for us all, but she decided to be innovative and created a print that we would iron on at the reunion.  What I love about my family, is that everyone is laid back and chill, and we just love each other. So the T-shirts weren’t printed. Ok. We’re flexible.

With our parents, aunts, uncles getting older, it’s super important to us that we spend as much time together as possible.  Especially with all of us living up and down the Eastern coast, Canada and the Appalachians, to get together, even if only every 2 years, is a very big deal!  Thank goodness for social media tools like Facebook and FaceTime and e-mail and the good old cell phone, but nothing beats actually BEING with your family.

Here they are!  So excited! Cannot wait for this weekend to start!